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Cupping is all the Rage! An understandable explanation.

Olympic athletes are exposing their cupping marks! What’s it all about? The American news media explains it the best they can, having no knowledge of the depth of Chinese Medicine. And yes, without an understanding of the inner workings of the body and Qi (life force energy) which is the foundation of Chinese Medicine, it is hard to understand how cupping and/or Acupuncture can make a difference.

I like to explain cupping as “taking the trash to the curb”. We understand the functions of the lymphatic system as the body’s “garbage disposal” service in the body. Cupping pulls toxins and stuck energy to just under the surface of the skin – where the lymphatic system flows like a river, ready to transport the garbage to the body’s disposal sites, ie. the bowels and urinary system. The cupping pulls the toxins out, clearing space for a fresh supply of blood and nutrients to the area – allowing for pain relief, quicker healing times and stronger tissues.

My patients love it! Is it for everyone, certainly not, but those who experience it are thrilled with the results. Stress relief, pain relief, faster healing times! Cupping is only one of the many techniques used by Licensed Chinese Medicine Professionals to bring harmony, balance and wholeness to our patients.

Good Morning America had this clip online:


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